One of the biggest misconceptions about AdvoCare is that it is some kind of diet.  I don't do diets and would not recommend any diet to my clients.  I strive to help my clients achieve lasting results and lifestyle changes and diets do not make either of those possible.  AdvoCare offers wellness and optimal nutrition through supplements containing your core vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.  On top of supplementing your diet with these naturally occurring substances, AdvoCare wants you to eat a normal (and yes, mostly healthy) diet.  I am providing you with some meal ideas/recipes that are supported by AdvoCare so that you can see that no one starves or even feels deprived on this regimen!

Two websites I have found with AdvoCare friendly recipes are:

Some ideas and recipes I have created in moments of meal boredom include:
  • A black bean soup recipe I recently put on my blog.
  • An at-home version of Chipotle/QDoba naked burrito made by dicing chicken and cutting up fajita veggies and sauteing in a pan with olive oil and taco seasoning then serving over brown rice.
  • A Chicken breast rubbed with brown mustard and seared in a pan in olive oil.   Add salsa until heated through.  Top with chopped avocado, corn, black beans- whatever!
  • Asian stir fry with chicken and rice and Braggs Soy Protein (tastes like Soy Sauce and can be found at health food stores)
  • Blackened Mahi Mahi (or other fish)
  • ANYTHING with pesto (make your own with no Parmesan...recipe on my blog = )  Serve with brown rice during the cleanse and whole wheat pasta any other time.
  • Sweet potato "fries" (recipe also found on my blog)
Also check out the file below with some healthy recipes created/uncovered by my friend and AdvoCare partner in crime, Brandy.
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04/23/2012 7:22am

Hi, I looked through your recipes but many contain sugar and salt and tortillas. My husband and I are on day 8 of the Advocare 24 day challenge and are looking for "legal" recipes while we are on the plan and after. Any help would be great. Your recipes look great.

03/21/2013 8:35pm

Thinking about starting advocare lifestyle. Is the combo of foods they suggest important? Do I have to eat complex carb if I'm not Hungary? Can I just make the weight watcher soup and have it for every lunch or do you need the 4 oz protein, cup fruit...?


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